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about 1331 Studios

1331 Studios is a small business that specializes in art, illustration, graphic design, and photography.


1331 Studios is owned by me, Danielle Nyland, a local photographer, artist, and writer. I am a Greene County, Pennsylvania native and live with my husband (and business partner), two sons, and various pets, including dogs, snakes, and arachnids. 


I have a background is in graphic design, web publishing, management, social media and photography. I graduated from American Public University with an Associate of Science in Web Publishing and from Bellevue University with a Bachelor  of Arts in Graphic Design. I've also attended the New York Institute of Photography and have certifications in topics from social media to editing.


I have been photographing and writing about local history and events since 2010 as part of the SWPA Rural Exploration team. I'm active in local community events and committees. I'm a board member of Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful and am on the committees for 50s Fest & Car Cruise, Light-Up Night, and other local events. I'm the Membership Chair for the Morgantown Arts Association,  and I often served as an interactive artist at Art Blast on the Mon during its active years. I formerly served as secretary on the Flenniken Public Library board and as a committee member for Sheep & Fiber Festival. I'm currently the editor and social media manager for GreeneScene Community Magazine

I get inspiration for my art and writing from horror movies and novels, Lovecraft, Poe, and anything that goes bump in the night. My art focuses on horror movies, pop culture, offbeat things, abandoned places, and the creepier side of nature. 

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